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C. Michael Bennis

James Moushon Interview in the HBS Author's Spotlight
Spotlight on Paranormal Romance and Suspense Author C. Michael Bennis, author of Dangerous and Desirable, Signs of Destiny and Rules of Engagement.
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Dangerous and Desirable

"A thriller with Tequila Slammer Danger"
starsAngela Mortimer
At first the book feels a lot like the author's book Rules of Engagement, a complicated romance, full of interesting fractured personalities, that is, until we reach the Mexican connection and from there it changes...
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C. Michael Bennis attended Complutense / Madrid for an academic year, then graduated with a Spanish major from the University of Colorado, where he lettered in football as a member of Colorado's 1961 Big 8 Championship and the 1962 Orange Bowl squad. In 1966, he graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. C. Michael Bennis is bilingual and lives in Tucson, Arizona as a former advertising and toy industry executive. He has three published novels: Dangerous and Desirable (Oct.19,2013), Signs of Destiny (2012) and Rules of Engagement (2009), and he is currently editing his fourth novel between speaking engagements on creativity and novel writing.


Dangerous and Desirable:

The Impact of a boxer’s fist, the suspicion of a false identity & the grace of timeless love Julio Navarro is secretly regarded as the quintessential killer for hire when he is given the sanction on an equally dangerous female assassin. Killing was never personal for Julio, until now when he can’t resist falling in love with the intended victim, Ziv Yadin, Mossad’s top assassin. Julio rejects the Mossad mandate, and both Julio and Ziv are sanctioned with a death warrant, which would be a chilling undertaking for any killer since Julio and Ziv are the two most dangerous assassins on the planet.

Their love affair is soon tested when Julio’s former lover, Claudia Bazan, sends Julio a message "if you ever loved me, prove it now." Claudia faces immanent death in Culiacán at the hands of her boyfriend, Pedro Valdez, Mexico’s most fearsome drug lord.


Julio travels to Culiacán, the most dangerous city in Mexico, to save a woman he no longer cares for. Soon Ziv follows to rescue the man she can no longer live without.


Layers of violence, jealousy and passion await Julio and Ziv in the dangerous Culiacán cradle of drug trafficking.


C. Michael Bennis – Author and Speaker

"Mike" is a graduate of LCHS, class of 1960, and the son of Chuck Bennis and Jeanne Gallagher. This is his third novel, just released. Copies of his workshop materials titled "So you want to write a novel," will be available to those interested.





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Signs of Destiny: Award–Winning paranormal novel is a powerful love story where destiny shapes life’s direction and meaning.


Dying is what changed Rafael Valverde’s life.

Coming back from the dead and lying comatose for six weeks altered his perception, but the death of the young Spanish actress he was beginning to love shattered his emotions. Before he was a chameleon masquerading as a businessman. Now he is weakened and confused as he pursues his mother’s genetic lineage of talented artists.


Enter Alison Amavis, the sylphlike young woman Rafael first saw in a state of unconsciousness. Her sea green eyes conceal a prophesied demise that a Spiritualist in Liverpool begrudgingly revealed to 17-year-old Alison: that she would die a horrible death in her 24th year. However before death she will know a love of unfathomable magnitude. It will be the sensation of truly coming home after a forever longing to be there. Rafael is that prophesied love.






Rules of Engagement: Award-Winning novel depicts how true love knows no boundaries unless we create them. In the summer of 1964, two college graduates meet in a London club. While their attraction is palpable, Nicole is engaged to the premier’s son and is Parisian aristocracy; dutiful to a fault she can’t help but fall headfirst for Alec, a Colorado native who is a little rough around the edges. As they decide the course of their affair, Nicole comes up with the Rules of Engagement. Over the next nine days they agree not to fall in love and not to reveal their identities. Reunited by chance over two decades later, the magic is still there. One is married, one is not—both will begin to understand that love and passion endures despite time, circumstance, and reason.

Amusing, fun, and fast-paced, Rules of Engagement by new romance author C. Michael Bennis offers countless dramatic high notes and unforgettably naughty characters as it recalls the very essence of unbridled, wide-open passion. What begins as a timeless, torrid tale of young lust turns into a mid-life romp when two lovers are later reunited. This is a winning combination that tells of the underbelly of the advertising world and the softest sides of true love.


Kirkus Discoveries states "Bennis tempts and tantalizes...this narrative has enough twists and turns to satisfy a mystery lover, and the characters are endearing."


C. Michael Bennis featured on The Balancing Act Airing on Lifetime Television

TUCSON, Ariz. (MMD Newswire)
November 11 , 2010 - Nov. 18, 2010 - 7-8 a.m. ET/PT
Show Host Danielle Knox,
Iinterviews romance author C. Michael Bennis


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Rules of Engagement Book trailer


"Michael is an award wining author who does not disappoint with his latest novel Rules of Engagement. It's a thrilling love story set in exotic locales, filled with mystery, twists, turns and of course passion and romance. But does it have a happy ending? You are going to have to tune into The Balancing Act to find out."


"The story is pure imagination based on an unforgettable memory," Bennis says. "Similar to the novel, I met a special young woman when I was in London to pick up my car in June 1964. That recollection provided the inspiration for the story, although the real life romance never progressed beyond London."


Nicole's Rules of Engagement
Rule number one:
We never fall in love.
Rule number two: We never provide information that might reveal our identities.
Rule number three: Our relationship can and will be ended by departure forever. Beyond the Three Rules of Engagement, there are no further rules or restrictions.

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